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Mango Jelly Recipe Nutella Gelatin Floating Jelly Box

Mango Jelly Recipe Nutella Gelatin Floating Jelly Box

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Mango Jelly Recipe Nutella Gelatin Floating Jelly Box 


3 huge mangoes 

1 container of dissipated milk 

1 container of consolidated milk 

1 half cream 

1 cream cheddar (Philadelphia) 

4 tablespoons of gelatin 


We wash the mangoes, strip and eliminate the seeds, and save two pieces for gelatin and the other for embellishing. The mangoes that we leave for design are separated into little squares and 2 mangoes that we leave for the gelatin that we blend and split. 

Presently we will melt the vanished milk, consolidated milk, cream cheddar, semi-cream, gelatin, and the generally separated combination of mangoes that we blended before, when this is blended, placed it in a jam form, and put it in the fridge for a couple of leaves to set. 

Coasting jam formula 

Mango Jelly Recipe Nutella Gelatin Floating Jelly Box 


Coconut mousse: 

190 grams of Philadelphia cheddar 

1 cup coconut cream 

1 cup milk 

2 envelopes of saturating gelatin into equal parts some virus water 


1 bundle of strawberry flavor gelatin 

3 cups of water 


Light Philadelphia cream cheddar with coconut cream and milk 

Liquefy water gelatin in a water shower or in the microwave for a couple of moments until it is totally fluid and add to the Philadelphia cheddar blend 

Put it in a form recently lubed with oil. Put it in the cooler until it is cooked 

Make strawberry jam with 3 cups of water and let it cool totally outside of the cooler 

Eliminate the coconut mousse from the form, without eliminating the shape and emptying the strawberry gelatin (you will perceive how the mousse glides). 

Refrigerate for 3 hours or until firm and free. 

Gelatin Box Recipe - Sweet Milk 

Mango Jelly Recipe Nutella Gelatin Floating Jelly Box 

Cajita gelatin is maybe one of the least complex and most flavorful plans out there, the embodiment of cajita (dulce de leche) is unparalleled, don't pass up on the chance to dazzle and pleasure your loved ones with this formula. ! 


3 parcels (30g every one) of gelatin 

A large portion of some water 

1 liter of milk 

660 grams of cajita 


Gelatin is dampened with water, and you can liquefy it in the microwave, heat the milk without bubbling in a pan over medium warmth, at that point add the cashews and mix until very much consolidated, add the dissolved gelatin and mix well. 

Fill a plate or skillet and spot in the cooler for 3 or 4 hours until it solidifies. 

Nutella Gelatin Recipe 

Mango Jelly Recipe Nutella Gelatin Floating Jelly Box 

Magda Santiago formula 

Mutual by Rebeca Lugo. 


1 liter of milk 

1 Nutella 350 gr 

A large portion of a crate of cloves 

250 ml water 

40 grams of gelatin or 4 tablespoons 

2 tablespoons milk container (discretionary) in the event that you like it better. 


They saturate gelatin in water. Warmth 250 ml of milk and blend it in with gelatin, since it blends well. They void the Nutella until it breaks down well (I put a little milk in the container to eliminate everything). Indeed, whenever everything is blended, void out portion of a bundle of cloves, and the leftover milk, add two tablespoons of milk (discretionary) and embellish with fluid chocolate Hershey.

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