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Gelatin Mosaic Recipe in 20 Minutes

Gelatin Mosaic Recipe in 20 Minutes

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Jam sacks with various flavors 

1 jar of dense milk 

1 jar of vanished milk 

5 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin 

2 tablespoons of vanilla 

4 cups of water 


Set up the enhanced gelatin a couple of hours ahead of time, as it lets you know on the back, since this is the curd, sliced it into squares to the size you like. 

We soak gelatin in one cup of water, take it to the amplifier for 10 seconds, until it gets fluid. 

In a pot we put the excess three cups of water, and as it bubbles, we add a container of consolidated milk and dissipated. Allow it to bubble, add softened gelatin and vanilla, eliminate from heat. 

Let the milk gelatin cool to room temperature, since, supposing that we blend it in with shaded gelatin it melts and it will be a debacle. 

In a glass plate, mix the water gelatin blocks, and add the milk gelatin to them. Take it to the cooler until it's delicate. 

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